Well, yesterday we moved the last of the baby birds (chicks that we hatched) out to the bird barn/chicken coop. That makes a total of 42 babies and 17 of the old girls. Once the babies start laying, the old ones will either be sold or taken to the butcher. I’ve done my share of processing chickens and it is a smell that takes weeks to get out of your nose. I may do it again if I need to, but with having so many that need to be processed at the same time, I plan to have someone else do it. When I say “old girls”…they are only a year old, but they have all turned so mean and spend nearly the whole day picking on each other and they also have become egg eaters. We have tried for a while now to break them of the habit and it’s just time to be done. Anyone that has had chickens knows how hard it is to break them of it. We had to separate them so that they didn’t hurt the new ones or teach them bad habits. We needed a fresh start, and quite frankly, starting with ones that we hatched has been both educational and fun.