Back when we lived on 6th Avenue brother Bill was in the navy. One time when he came home, he was sleeping upstairs in the bedroom and mom told me that I would just stand there and watch him sleep because I loved him so.

Another time I went to the Poor House, that was a bar. Well I went to the poor house and there was Brother Bill sitting with a Jean, but it wasn’t his Jean. He later was divorced from that Jean and married to the one he was sitting in the bar with.

He also told me about a man that worked for my Grandpa. I forget what he said was going on with the man, but he was suicidal. One night, the man went to the cemetery with his gun in hand, fully intending to commit suicide. As he walked around contemplating what he was about to do, he began looking at the grave stones…particularly the ones who had achieved 100 years or more and he decided that he no longer wanted to die. He left the cemetery and went home.

Funny, the things that God uses to speak to people.