Our cows are rather choosy about which blade of grass they find tasty and leave a lot of perfectly good (in my opinion) grass go to waste, which is where I come into the picture. I mowed the pastures today because they were getting out of control. Mowing, in my husbands mind, is landscaping or a beautification project. He mows in a pattern…back and forth, front to back, diagonals..etc. To me, mowing is a task I have to finish in order to get to the next thing, so I just mow. I start out with the intention of mowing in one particular pattern (to please my husband) until I get bored with that, then I switch and mow in diagonals, or circles…one time I even mowed paths so that “N” could be entertained by pulling his wagon through mazes. I figure, it’s a pasture and the cows don’t care, but basically I think about how I don’t do very well at ‘coloring in the lines’. I think it drives my husband a teeny bit crazy, but he’s learned to just laugh at me.