I’m going to attempt a daily log of some sort. I’m not always the most consistent with writing, because things get quite busy around here, but there is always something happening either funny or farmish that people say I should write about.

Today there’s not much exciting going on, but it is still a busy day. The weather is so hit or miss…I’m hoping to turn the cows out, but I’m still waiting to see if it’s going to rain…again. Argh! The rain is important, but so is the opportunity to dry out. The farmers are having such a hard time getting the seed in because so many of the fields are either too wet or flooded.

We are planning on making a “dry creek bed” in our yard because when it rains, and the farmers field drains through our property, we end up with a lake. Our hope is to give it a purposeful path to follow into the ditch in the woods.

Today we ended up laying mulch on the paths in our woods. We thought this was a good idea after getting stuck and having to pull our gator out with the tractor. Ha, ha.