I wasn’t really sure what to title this, because I am not a disgruntled believer as far as my relationship with God goes. What I am disgruntled with is other believers or people who call themselves believers…it is not my place to judge.

I am especially blessed to be in a church body where it truly is like family. Everyone is real with everyone else…if you do something wrong, they’ll call you on it, but in love. Likewise, they are there to support you when you’re down and rejoice with you when things are going well.

Then there’s the “others”…and I’m not just talking about people in my own life, but people I’ve observed here and there. The ones I am talking about are the ones that are so quick to judge, to not be supportive, to try and guilt trip you into “being a better Christian” by their standards when really they are being hypocritical.

All I know is that I worship a loving God who expects us to follow His example. It’s His place to judge other people, because He is the only one that really knows people’s motives. We can only judge based on actions, He can judge based on someone’s heart.

The other part of this is patience. God is exceedingly patient with us, but we are so quick to “be done” with other people when we tire of them or when they disappoint us in some way.