This year the babies come in the form of chicks, puppies, and calves. The chicks were kind of an experiment of sorts…we wanted to replace some that had died last year, so we gathered 37 eggs and hoped for the best. From that, we only had three live birds. 🙁 So we decided to try again, and figured we might get a few more. Well, the second hatch was much more successful…we now have 42 babies! They are actually in their “teenage” stage right now. Once they begin laying, we will cull the older ones. Thankfully the new ones are a lot nicer and there is at least one rooster in the new flock too.

Puppies! Tessa had her pups on July 3-4…nine precious little squeakers! They will be 2 weeks old tomorrow and the next day and they have grown so much already. Some are as fat as sausages and others are tiny. All are in the very beginning of opening their eyes. It will be so much fun to watch their personalities grow as they are able to experience their world. If you’re reading this and want a puppy…let us know!

Cows! Maizie is due to have her calf in September or October. Her udder is changing and we can see that the baby is growing. Lots more for us to learn in the coming months. 🙂