Or should I title this, “Natural vs. the Supernatural”?

Recently my sister received a diagnosis of stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Typically this is a very grim diagnosis, but I am battling in the heavenlies for her with every bit of faith that I possess. Both she and my sister-in-law are in the fight of their lives against this monster cancer…pancreatic and gliblastoma. Please if you read this, pray, in faith for their healing.

What I have explained to my own children and to my sister is that there is heaven and there is earth, and that in between the two is the spiritual realm. The spirit realm is more real and more active than anything in our physical earth has ever been. We have to seek God and ask Him to make us more aware and allow us to see into that realm. It is there that battles are fought. It is there that we are fighting the battle for our sisters.

I pray for you, that God would open your eyes to spiritual things and that you would be aware in your waking and in your sleeping of all things in the spirit realm and that you would pray to Papa God who gives all wisdom and power to believers to battle and achieve victory for the Lord. Pray that He would give you visions, dreams, words of wisdom…pray that He would show you things to come and pray for the wisdom to do what you see the Father doing.