We have been homeschooling for 26 years and this is the first year that we have had one of the kids go all the way through as a homeschooler. “J” is highly motivated and has always been such a “go-getter”. She is graduating at the age of 17.

Her life has been interesting because she has always been a helper to her older brother. Even her birth had to come at a “planned” time because she had to be old enough, but not too old to be able to stay in the hospital during one of his many stays.

When it came to walking, he had to learn to walk over and over again because he kept losing skills, and she learned right along with him. She was walking by 8 months! Nothing should walk at 8 months. Ha, ha. I should have known by that, that she would be on the fast track for life.

As far as talking, she learned sign language before spoken language, which gave her the ability to communicate so much earlier than if we hadn’t used signs.

And when it comes to homeschool…she started that early too. Her brother’s neurological disorder caused him to lose, essentially, three years and he had to learn everything again, so she learned it too. Partly just because she was ready, and also because we thought that she could be a “peer learning helper”. She started at the age of 4. She’s a quick learner and has a determination to learn new things. She will not let grass grow under her feet.

She’s been many things in her seventeen years…a gymnast, an artist, one of the Top Ten Horsemen in our county, she has been a stellar babysitter, coach, and friend…just to name a few. She loves Jesus with her whole heart and will be doing missions soon. I’m so proud of who she is and excited to see who she will become.