The other day I was getting ready for bed and got my toothbrush out, put toothpaste on it, brushed my teeth and then put things away in the drawer. Then I went into my bedroom and took my socks off and put them where I usually do, put my glasses on the nightstand, got into bed like I usually do. I know…normal stuff. But then Papa God just flooded my thoughts and emotions with how exciting the common things are…with just how fortunate I am. That WE all are so priviledged no matter how rich or poor…that if we have “a place” to put something and something to put there, that we are priviledged. And then the thought came to me that just as wonderful as it is to have whatever it is that we have, just how easily that can be taken away and how much we need to be aware of the blessing. Whether it is government, or health, or money…we are not guaranteed to be able to have the same tomorrow that we had today.