How many times must I relearn how to give things back to you? To not hold on to feelings of hurt, sadness, disappointment, emotional hardships of various sorts. It seems like life is full of teachable moments regarding this. I have told others that if they will hand it over to You and leave it there in Your keeping, that you can and will bring resolution to things that we cannot. But yet, over the last several days, with as many times as I have given it back to you, I turn around only to find myself grappling with it again. I give it to you and resolve to leave it there, and then have to do it again two minutes later because my mind is overwhelmed. I know the steps, and I have been walking them as closely as I know how. I also know, to the very core of my being, that no matter how hard it seems to me and how lonely I may feel, that you are ALWAYS here with me and that you have already seen my trials and equipped me to walk through them. As I was typing that, you gave me an image of a child dressed in a warriors armor with a sword and a spear, holding onto Daddy’s hand. Thank you for that Papa. Please uphold me with Your strength. Give me the ability to walk with a strength and a confidence that comes from being Yours.