When people ask how many kids we have, I always have to think about how to answer them. Do I answer only for the ones that they will see? Or do I answer the way my heart calls me to? The truth of it is, we have 9 children, but we’ve only gotten to raise 5 of them. There are 4 that wait for us in heaven as Papa God called them home. Their names are Hope Evelyn (10-18-2008), Joy Kaelyn (10-12-2011), Ruthie Annette (6-23-2015), and Sarah Elisabeth (10-7-2016)…written forever on our hearts. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about them.

The ones we’ve been blessed to raise are “M” (28), “C” (25), “E” (18), “J” (16), and “N” (9). And we’ve added one more, last year…a dear DIL “E” (29).