This is the last time that I will update about the pump unless something astronomical happens that is worthy of comment. Things have been going relatively well since we switched companies. Funny thing though…the day that the new company was coming out, the old one called and said that they were sending one as well. I told them that we would just go ahead and send it back since we were going with the other company. They told me that would not be necessary, because after renting it for a certain period of time, that we now own it. Score! They said to keep it as a back up to our new company’s pump.

The formula company changed its formulation of what “E” uses and the new one tends to separate and coagulate in the bag. Because of this we are currently priming his tubing with a sodium bicarbonate solution that we have to use with his meds, which seems to help, and we are adding some water to thin it down a little. We have to balance his fluids and calories though to make sure he is getting enough. So far, so good. Definitely better than when his pump wasn’t working.