In the fall of 2021 I decided to take a class called School of Prophetic Ministry. It was a big committment, but something I felt God was inviting me into. I took it with the understanding that I would learn to hear God better, and begin to grasp more about the prophetic. I had no comprehension that God would cultivate so much in me.

I was so unaware of how limited my understanding of God and all that is written in His word were. Limited by religion, examples from my past, and simple lack of ability to understand things so big. Psalm 139:6 says, “Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too lofty for me to attain”. That pretty much sums it up. Even with all that I know now, it is only a small part of understanding heavenly things, and something that will take me a lifetime to absorb. It is a walk that I am delighted to continue on though, because with each step I take, I walk deeper into intimacy with the Father.

Religion’s purpose is to bring you into right standing with God by setting firm parameters. That’s not all bad…children need rules to grow into physically and emotionally healthy adults. People in general need rules/guidelines to be able to get along in life. The problem is that doctrine, without intimacy, leaves a pretty empty relationship.

So many people envision God as that unapproachable, distant being in the sky…as one who creates, and then sees His work complete, and walks away. Another way that people visualize God is by “modeling” our image of God after our broken view of our parents. He is not like that at all! Even with loving my children, and knowing the Lord the way I do, I often give such a poor reflection of the Father heart of God. Yes, God is the Creator of all that is, but He is far from walking away. He loves us so much, and longs to lavish us with His love. Scripture says that we are the apple of his eye. (Deut 32:10, Psalm 17:8)