I have been trying to figure out ways to color my homemade soap and add scent to it. I read that if you use food coloring, that the color tends to age and not necessarily gracefully. Colors change over time and can become really ugly. I also learned that any flowers added to soaps must be dried first. You can use essential scents or essential oils to make it smell good, but the oils tend to last longer and stay true. However, you have to be careful with certain oils and amounts…some can be irritating to the skin.

My first batch of soap was unscented and just a very basic soap. The consistency is beautiful and the color, just a very pure white. The second batch I added, what seemed like a lot to me, but ended up not being enough of the cucumber melon scent. The consistency of that soap was a little weird. It is tackier and kind of stripey, so I’m wondering if I either didn’t mix it long enough, or if the oils changed it.

Yesterday I made a batch of orange soap and used pure orange oil and orange zest from mandarin oranges, so I am curious to see how they dry. The smell, already, is AMAZING! I can’t wait to be able to use it. I think I would like to try this again but with lemons, limes, or grapefruit next time.