God longs to spend time with us and LOVES it when we pray. Today, one of the brothers from church, stayed with me to pray and it is amazing how Papa God met us here. We came with only one written prayer request and ended up praying over a list of 20 or more that God showed us as we prayed. I’m excited to see God fulfill the answers as the coming days and weeks go by.

I have struggled with my own faith to believe in healing, whether for myself or others…not because I didn’t want it bad enough or because I didn’t think that God “could” do it, but I didn’t have the faith to believe that He actually would. I think that some of that is because of praying in the past and not seeing the answers that I prayed for come about. But I have come to learn that it isn’t because God is not capable, or because I did something wrong in my praying, but I question whether or not I had the faith. I feel like I’m kind of chasing my own tail in this writing today. The faith I am talking about is different than just hope. The faith I am talking about is believing that God cares enough to answer, that He can answer, that He will answer, that He does answer. I guess I have come to a certain understanding about what faith really means, by reading about other people of faith…Abraham, Noah, Moses, Elijah…the list goes on. Their faith was tested by circumstances, but God ALWAYS met them there.

I am learning to hear Papa’s voice and I thank God that I am where I am today. I thank Him that I am older…I feel like the years and the experiences have made me grow in my faith because of all that I have gone through. Some of the stuff has been really hard, but what I am beginning to see and understand is that I was never going through any of it alone. Not that I was spared the grief of the circumstances, but that God has been my constant companion through it all. Sometimes I have been completely unaware of where He was at the time and even felt like He wasn’t there at all, but lately I have been asking Him to show me where He was…even with things that happened over 50 years ago, and slowly I am beginning to recognize His presence and His answers.

I guess the gist of what I am saying today is don’t give up asking for Him to show Himself to you. I promise He is there and He cares for you. When we are newborn babies, I am convinced that we still know the sound of His voice and even His scent, but as we grow and become more and more distracted by the world and all that is around us, we forget what His voice sounds like and eventually forget that He even speaks at all. The enemy LOVES when we forget Papa’s voice, because then the only voice we hear is the enemy’s lies to us and about us.

Papa says to ask and that He will answer. Even if the only faith you have is to ask Him to move in your life, in some circumstance, all it takes is faith the size of a mustard seed…and by asking, you have already displayed that you have that.

Blessings to you!