We moved to this beautiful place that we call Pleasant Acres nearly two years ago. The town that we are a part of was never on our “radar” in terms of places that we wanted to live, but repeatedly (5 times to be exact), God kept bringing it across our path. The house would be listed and just as soon, taken off the market. The first 4 times it wouldn’t have worked for us anyway, but by the 5th time around, God had arranged things in our life in such a way that everything worked out perfectly. We all love it out here and we see in new ways, every day, how this is exactly where Papa God wanted us to be.

Since moving here our “family” has grown (kind of like Noah’s ark)…we have two dairy cows, two horses, 2 cats, 2 dogs, and a whole mess of chickens. We just finished hatching two different batches of our own eggs and ended up with probably 35 or 40 babies.

Three week old Coalie.