Why is it that we, as people, often think more about our opinions than we do of our relationships? I see it, over and over again, people damaging or ending relationships over matters of opinion. Just look at our country…during the civil war, brothers fought against brothers and died because of a different point of view. And really, as a country, we haven’t changed that much…we differ in opinion about the color of our skin, politics, relational issues. And what’s it all for?

Scripture talks about pride and how it is oppositional to God. It speaks of how God desires humility to thrive in our hearts. It speaks, repeatedly, about how we are to love one another as Jesus loved us. So why is it still such a problem?

I heard several teachings recently about viewing life and issues through a gospel lens. One in particular spoke of looking through a parascope and that if we look through the lens of our problems, that God always seems so distant and uninvolved, whereas if we view our problems by first looking at it through the Jesus lens, that He is close and the problem is smaller and further away.