The feeding pump problems have continued for about a week now. The current homecare company had supplied a Joey pump which also wouldn’t work and said that they wouldn’t be able to get another pump to us until sometime next week possibly. They are still telling us that the problems are on our end and not with the pump itself. So unless I, “E’s” nurses, and hubby are all completely incompetent, they are incorrect. Then they informed me that their company is closing their enteral department (feeding pump stuff for non medical parents) and that we had a short window to find another company.

I called the insurance company to find out which providers we were allowed to use and there are only 4. Of those, we found one that would work with our current situation. This new provider is flabbergasted with how the other company was handling things and sees the urgency of “E’s” need for a new pump. It sounds like they are going to act as emergently as possible to make things happen. I will keep you posted.

In the mean time though, we are having to painstakingly push feeds very slowly, all day long through his tube watching for intestinal issues (cramping) as you are not supposed to bolus/push feeds into a j-tube. Just an example of what that looks like…we are pushing 20ml’s (1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon) over 15 minutes.

I just heard back from GI and they are sending orders for this new company to take over. Please pray with us that all goes well with them and that the feeding issues can settle back down.

Until next time.