I’d have to say that my absolute favorite times of the year are seedtime and harvest! It just feels like all is right with the world when the farmers are out in the fields either planting or harvesting. I have a better understanding and appreciation for them now for two reasons…because we are surrounded by them…we hear and see them and all that they do, day in and day out, and because the things that affect them affect us on a much smaller scale. They have big fields/crops/herds, we have a small field/crop (garden 36 x 96 ft), “herd” of soon to be three cows (Maizie is pregnant), and a flock of 58 chickens. When the rain is flooding their fields and causing issues with planting/harvesting, it does the same to our garden and pastures. And likewise, when there are three days in a row where the weather is dry, EVERYONE is out in their fields working, whether on a small or large farm.

I have been praying every day, as I see them out in the fields or as I’ve been in my garden, thanking God for allowing us to have the priviledge of participating in His creation. I’ve also been praying that the planting would be successful and that it would all get done before the rains come. I pray that the rains will be gentle and the sun will be enough. It is a constant faith walk…tilling the soil, planting the seeds, waiting to see what comes up. When those first plants start to peek up out of the ground and you see that the Lord has blessed what you’ve done, there is such joy!

Work out here is so different too…when I was in the city, one day ran into the next and it seemed that no matter what you did, things were never done. Out here, there is SO much to do every day, but when you work a full day (and the animals are fed and hayed, stalls are cleaned, and they’re put up for the night, and you’ve worked in the garden/fields) there is an end to the day and you can rest knowing that you’ve accomplished what you set out to do.