For the past two years I have tried, somewhat unsuccessfully, to have a garden. The soil here is really good, but the rain has been overwhelming. Year before last, three hours after I finished planting, we got monsoon type rains and I watched sadly, out the window, as my garden turned into a pond and everything washed away. It rained almost the entire spring until the end of June. At that point I was so frustrated with the idea of planting, and since it was so late already in the season, I bought a couple of plants but gave up on everything else. A few of the seeds I had planted before the rain didn’t totally wash away, but got rearranged. We got a few things out of the garden that year, but the beans weren’t full, and the corn was chewy. The tomato plants that I planted did basically nothing, but the seeds that the chickens pooped out into their yard, yeilded a bountiful harvest. Go figure.

Last year was similar with the rain, but even worse with the weeds and hornworms. I wish that my plants grew as well as the weeds. The hornworms were numerous and huge, and because they blend in so well with the plants, you don’t even know they’re there until your plants are dying and your fruits eaten.

This year we planned differently. We can’t control how much rain we get, but we can plan a little more about how it is directed. In the past I planted in the flat ground, but this time, everything that we could, we planted in mounds. When the rains came this time, the pastures flooded, the driveway flooded, but the garden stayed just as we had planted it.

Something else that we had done all winter, was to put all of the manure from the horses, cows, and chickens into the garden and turned it in after it broke down a little. Then when it was time to plant, we turned it again.

I am so excited about the garden this year. We already have plants coming up and nearly every seed planted has been successful. I still have more planting to do, but now I am encouraged to keep going.