I struggled with how to title this writing, but when it came down to it, I thought that this was the best way to honor him. Uncle Johnny was a legend to everyone who knew him. He was one of the sweetest, kindest, most loving people that I have known and had the pleasure of growing up with. He had a heart that overflowed with love for other people. Whether it was playing Santa for kids that didn’t have much, or “adopting” kids who needed a friend, staying up eating spaghetti with his niece (me) after coming home late at night, or taking care of his sweet mother who was suffering from alzheimers…the list goes on. He was a hard working man, faithful to his company until his retirement. When he was home though, he was fully home and all about his people. He was a great son, Uncle, brother, and friend. He will be missed more than there are words to describe.

Uncle Johnny could tell a story better than most and had a great sense of humor. He always had such a positive attitude, no matter what was going on with him. When you’d ask him how he was, he would always answer, “I’m Wonderful!” or, “I’m fine as wine”, earning him the title Mr. Wonderful. He survived a stroke, covid, a PE, and a septic infection…all with the same positive outlook.

Often he would tell me that he didn’t know why he was still here. When my dad…his baby brother, passed away, he went up to the casket and spoke to him saying, “It should have been me in there, not you.” But we always knew that God kept him here for a purpose. He was such a light to be around, he would encourage everyone, and best of all he loved Jesus so we know we’ll see him again. Truly the angels rejoiced as he passed from this life into heaven today.

My how I miss him so much already. Rest peacefully my sweet Uncle Johnny.