It’s been a while since I posted anything. To be honest, ever since Kelly passed away, I have had the desire to write, but I just have not been able to. The words have been buzzing around in my head like bees, but they just wouldn’t come out. My time with the Lord has been so sweet though, and He has been growing me in many different ways. So…this is kind of a long entry to just one aspect of what He has been doing in me.

I have been feeling an intense need…dare I say, it was almost like a “calling” to be in the Word more (but that sounds too official) . And not just a “read more scripture” sort of thing, but rather a real need to get deep into the Word…to eat the meat of the word. I don’t know if this makes sense to anyone else, so in the next little bit, I am going to attempt to explain that and get more into the title of this posting.

I don’t remember exactly when God impressed on me that I needed to start praying the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13) every morning (before my feet hit the ground), but it’s been at least a couple of months. He has done this before with different prayer topics, or scriptures, but this was different in that I thought it was a pretty simple “request”. I mean, we all learned to pray the Lord’s Prayer when we were little, much in the same way that we learned to say bedtime prayers, supper prayers, and nursery rhymes. Now before you get your hackles up, understand that this is NOT how I see the Lord’s Prayer. I understand it differently as a believer than I did when I was a little kid. But even with that being said, He was about to take me on a whole new adventure with this one “simple” prayer.

The first thing He had me do was slow down and think about when Jesus first taught His disciples to pray in this way. Secondly, He had me say each word and stop every few words so that He could teach me more about their meaning. From there I learned that each day He was going to be the same faithful Papa that He has always been and that He was going to teach me something new every single day. Since then, He has done just that. You might wonder how the same exact words, said each day, can bring such new meaning? I recommend you try it, but don’t just pray the wrote prayer…do like He showed me and pause frequently so that He can show you what He wants for you specifically in the moment. I’m going to share what He showed me this morning and hopefully I am able to detail it to you as much as He did for me.

Today as I was praying the Lord’s prayer, He gave me an image or an understanding of Him leaving His kindom in heaven just to come down here on this earth to be with me…to be with us…because He loves us so much! I’ve heard it taught so many times, but today it was just different…a deeper understanding. That He didn’t leave heaven forever to come down here, but just for long enough to show me (us) the way to get there…like literally walking in front of us. He walked just a little bit ahead, (like when someone is driving ahead of you so that you don’t get lost) because we had gotten lost. In the picture, I saw myself amongst other people and God walking up to all of us, just out of His pure love for us like a father would for his lost child, reminding us to follow Him and that He would show us the way…that He is the way. Again, I’ve read it so many times in scripture and prayed it so much, but the way I understood it today…the way I saw it in the brief image, was just different…it was more.

Often too, I will pray “give us this day our daily bread” and ask Him to give me exactly what I need just for the day. He is so wise and sees so much farther ahead of us than we can. He has reminded me time and time again about how He provided for Elijah with the raven, and the Israelites with the manna, and many other examples in scripture. One time I was having a particularly difficult time with a situation and right away, He took my attention to my prayers that morning and as I remembered, I surrendured my anxiety to Him and peace came, knowing that He was providing what I needed in that moment. That He had already given me the tools.