The three sisters that I will be referring to in this section are my grandmother and my aunts…Grandma, Lois, and Trudi…not the three plants that are referred to as the three sisters (corn, squash, and beans). Ha, ha.

We began, last year, hosting a family reunion in Grandma’s honor at our farm, on her birthday. The reason we decided to do this is because the older generations have always stressed the importance of family, whereas our generation and the following ones don’t seem to give this the same consideration and sadly we are losing touch with that part of our heritage. Originally we were only planning on gathering my grandma’s children and their kin. After much consideration, we decided to extend it to the family members from all three sisters. Unfortunately, this year none of the others were able to come, but hopefully in the coming years it will continue to grow. All of grandma’s kids came, most of her grandchildren, and some of her great grandchildren.

The weather was perfect and the gathering was very pleasant.