This morning when we were taking care of the animals, all seemed to go pretty well…until we decided to switch the new rooster from one side of the pen to the other in the big barn. He’s new to us, we’re new to him and didn’t know all that he was capable of. Haha!

The only reason he is in the pen in the barn is because he is too big for the baby hens and was picking on them. So until they are big enough to stick up for themselves, in the barn he will stay. At least hopefully.

Anyway, back to his escape. He decided that it was a good day for some “outside of the barn” time. He took off with hubby and I close behind. Then he saw the door and made a run for it. We were running all over the place trying to convince him to walk nicely into the barn. Not happening. “E” came along with the mower to try and help and I ran and got a fishing net. We finally got him back inside and managed to close all of the doors. He wouldn’t go back in the pen, so I continued trying to catch him with the fishnet, which he excaped 4 times before we were finally successful in getting him in the pen. Urg. Crazy Roo!