I decided to add this category to my blog because family stories are oftentimes so funny and endearing, especially when they are told by Uncle Johnny. Tonight when I was talking to him, I asked him to tell me a story. He said, “Aww well, I don’t know any stories”. I knew that was bunk, so I asked, “If I give you a relative, will you tell me a story?” He agreed and told me about Ernie.

Toots and Ernie were my great Aunt and Uncle and they had a house on Orchard Island at Buckeye Lake. Uncle Johnny said that Toots and Ernie were trying to sell their house and that two guys wanted to come and look at it. Ernie took a boat over and picked them up. On their way over to the island, something happened that Ernie sunk the boat. Nobody got hurt and the one guy even kept his hat dry (back in the day when everyone dressed up nice to do anything or go anywhere). Needless to say, they never ended up finishing their trip to the island and never looked at the house.

It was so much funnier when he told it, but still a good story.

I’m going to try to blog a new story each time he tells it.