What do you do with your heart when it has been hurt by someone, who by their very position in life, were meant to keep you safe, but you confirm that they didn’t. The fact that they didn’t is one thing, but the fact that they knowingly put you in harm’s way is a hurt that goes so deep, that knowing how to manage those feelings goes beyond anything you’ve ever learned to do.

I had suspected it for many years, not just in the one area that I am purposely keeping rather vague, but in many areas not only in my own life, but in the life of my family.

I know that God can heal even a wound such as this, but right now it just hurts. It hurts to know that someone would be so caloused, that wanting to prove some point, is to them more important than my own safety or well being.

The “who” and “what” about this is not important. Just don’t become “that person”. Be kind. Be trustworthy. Be forgiving. Be willing to make the other person’s needs more important than your own. Agree to disagree when necessary to be peaceful. Don’t think so much of yourself, that you look down your nose at other people.

We were all taught to “treat others the way that you want to be treated”. Love people like Jesus loves them and forgive, even when it hurts. And pray for me as I am still learning to forgive deeper.