I have to laugh. For the last 26 years that we have been homeschooling our children, people have always had opinions about it. Either they are totally for it and think that we are super-saint parents for taking on the arduous task. Or they look at us like we are freaks and that our kids must all be unsocialized and kept in cages at home. lol Now it seems that the entire world is comprised of unsocialized homeschoolers.

For us, homeschooling has always come from a desire to build the children’s foundations in God and family. It’s not that we want to isolate them from the world, but rather that we want them to have a firm foundation to place their feet on before they go out into the world. By surrounding them with family and guided social events while they are young, they learn more about who they are and can approach socialization from a secure place.

Each and every one of our children are different in their approaches and desires in life. Some are very “artsy”, while others are analytical, some are builders, and others are dreamers. All of those things are gifts, and as parents our task is to learn how to navigate them with each child. Sometimes we have done a really good job and other times…not so much…we are still figuring it out. I don’t think that we have failed in any of it though, because as long as you allow it, everything in life is a learning experience. You only fail if you stop learning or trying.

If you’re a homeschooler that has done it because you feel called to it, awesome! And if you’re a homeschooler because circumstances have forced you into it, learn to embrace each day for what it is and cut yourself and your kids a lot of slack. Learning is a completely natural desire and all you have to do is recognize that and nurture it. Whatever your reason, you will do great as long as you keep moving forward and remember just how precious each day is, and be thankful that you get to spend it with your kids. Life is learning. Love it!