When we moved to our farm, we had a house, overgrown pastures, and a cat. We began accumulating our “zoo”, one animal at a time. First came Daisy Jane…the service dog. Then Maizie…our young heifer, then Jaxon the foal, another dog, another cat, another heifer…you get the picture. Our barn was built pretty early on into this adventure, which was WORLDS better than caring for a calf in the run in shed. Jump forward 3 years and 8 months later and we now have concrete in our barn!! Before, it was dirt, gravel, and other smelly stuff. Ha, ha.

Meanwhile, we are waiting for the concrete to cure…in the Spring…in Ohio…we are having to do our milking outside. Combine the rainforest during rainy season and Siberia during it’s coldest, windiest months. Now you have a clear picture of what it is like to hand milk a cow, outside, in March. BUT I received the news today that we get to move our stanchion back into the barn today, so milking tonight will be SOOOO much better than ever before. No more flooded barn, no more uneven floors, no more gale force winds and snow blowing into the barn. Yay!