With coyotes ever present around our farm, we have seen a need to be rid of them. As long as you have animals, you’ll have coyotes because animals are tasty. They have also been a viable threat to people, coming out at all hours during the day and night. One day our nurse was walking down into the woods and there were three of them…one turned and began following her. Another time “J” was filling water buckets and there were numerous coyotes just inside the woods. The next day we went down to see how close they were. Needless to say, she wasn’t thrilled with the number or proximity. “N”, being little, cannot safely sit in the sandbox without someone being nearby. The one preventative measure…something that coyotes HATE…donkeys.

I have been looking for some time now, but have struggled finding one for our farm. While I was driving yesterday, I noticed a farm with donkeys…decided to stop and ask some questions. Well…we are purchasing our donkey…pasture-protector this week!