Yesterday, July 5th, marks two years that we have had the blessing of living on our farm. We’ve talked about all that we’ve learned and done in this time, and I said that we needed to make a list of it all. “J” said that if we wrote it all down, that it wouldn’t be a list, it would be a book. I had to laugh.

Just a few of the things that we have learned are: how to raise and care for dairy cows, how to AI (artificially inseminate) them and that we don’t want to ever do that ourselves (ha, ha), about raising horses from newborn, hatching chicks from our own eggs, we’ve learned about different kinds of hay and have even had the experience of cutting our own, baling it, loading, unloading, and stacking it in the barn.

Twice now, I’ve been a “midwife” to a dog having her pups. Once for a friend, and most recently for my daughter’s dog. There were more than fireworks lighting up our little corner of the world the night/morning of July 3-4 respectively…there were 9 squirmy, little, squeaky, puppies who are all strong and healthy. And their mama has been so good to them. This was her first litter, so we wondered about how she’d do.

We have set our oldest chickens out to be completely free range (with the protection only during nighttime because of raccoons), so we now “get” to go on daily “Easter egg hunts”. Ha, ha. I’m sure the raccoons enjoy all that we don’t find.