Yesterday was insane! I went out with a happy heart and the intention of turning out the cows, feeding the various feathered friends, and then coming in to get ready to take “E” to a meeting he had scheduled. Silly me.

The first thing I did was feed the horse, and when I was over by his stall, I noticed that the rooster needed more food and water, so I went to take care of that. When I opened the door to the pen, just wide enough to get the food bucket and water out, the rooster squeezed through and took off…after practicing his skill the day prior. Erg! Of course he didn’t stay in the barn, so we pursued him for 45 minutes to no avail. I had to give up on him, turn the cows out, and go on with our day. He ended up being loose up until hubby came home. He and “N” captured him and put him back in the barn.

What have we learned from this, you might ask?? ALWAYS close the barn doors before dealing with the rooster.

The other rooster decided to not allow “N” in the outdoor coop and puffed himself up bigger than we’ve ever seen him before…he looked a bit like lion. I wish I’d had my camera there when he did it so I could post a picture.

We have also still been having issues with “E’s” feeding pump, which consumed the rest of the day. Check out the update on the medical page.