Of all the plants that we put in the garden this year, the zucchini has done beautifully. We planted 24 plants, and every single one came up and is producing like mad! Our garden pretty much consists of corn and zucchini this year as nothing else really survived. We planted 40 strawberry plants and only 2 came up…not sure why. We also put in chard, lettuce, peas, beans, carrots, onions, potatoes, celery…none of which broke ground. 🙁 I’m not even really sure why, except that I probably needed to water more, but water here has been at a minimum most of the summer. So we will enjoy what we have and try a different approach next year.

We have (somewhat) been entertaining the idea of making a greenhouse so that we can start things earlier next year and so that some of the more fragile plants can grow in a better environment. We would also like to try and grow things during the colder months to decrease our need for the grocery store, as much as possible. Our garden, as it is now, gets full sun all day long. We have tried to plant the taller, shadier plants next to the more delicate ones, and even made the move of planting in mounds. The mounds proved to be a brilliant idea and we have had no issues with flooding because of it (during some of the days with heavy rain). Though, even with the planning of what to grow together, the sun has been too much for some of them.

I will have to post an update when we get closer to the planning of the greenhouse and let you know how that plays out.